Why is Comcast the Presenting Sponsor of the Portland Film Festival?

The Comcast Logo.

Technology has completely changed the film industry – from the ways movies get made, to how they are edited, to the ways audiences watch them.  And Comcast, presenting sponsor of the Portland Film Festival, is at the forefront of this transformation.

Technology has simplified life for everyone involved in making a movie. Fifty years ago, cameras had to have a full crew to operate, and if they wanted an aerial shot, they needed an aircraft-mounted camera that was so heavy it weighed more than the plane! And once they film was captured, the editing was done by physically cutting and pasting the film together…not exactly an efficient process.


It was long, hard work that still only resulted in low-quality images.

But today, new, lighter cameras have allowed for clearer images, and shots never thought possible.  And thanks to the cloud, editing films has never been easier.  Teams from across the globe can work on a film together from anywhere, even the comfort of their homes. This opens up a whole new world for filmmakers who never could have participated before.  Comcast Business provides beyond fast internet speeds that enable up-and-coming filmmakers to collaborate in real time on artistic decisions.

And for audiences, it’s no longer necessary to go to your local theatre to see the one nightly showing of a movie.  People can now watch these movies from anywhere, on any device, at any time. With streaming speeds, top shows, easy access to Netflix® favorites, and so much more, Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Stream provide your entertainment your way.


Technology has taken the film industry from silent, black-and-white films to high-definition movies that are capable of making the audience feel as if they are there, in only a short period of time.  And Comcast is at the nexus of connectivity and entertainment.

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