Hacks and Attacks: Learn How To Keep Your Company Safe

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Every business is vulnerable to cyber attacks.  That’s why Comcast Business is joining forces with the FBI and Intel to examine today’s threats and tomorrow’s challenges at a forum called “Hacks and Attacks: Keeping Your Company Safe in the Digital Age.”  Hosted by the Portland Business Journal, the July 11th breakfast program will feature Ruchi Bhargava, VP of Security Solutions for Comcast, George Chamberlain, Assistant Special Agent of the FBI, and Miki Demeter, Security Champion for the Open Source Technology Center at Intel.

The three will examine what you need to know on a day-to-day basis to avoid potential threats, dive into crisis management, and help you empower and inform your employees, regardless of technical background, to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber attacks.

The forum will be held at the Sentinel Hotel in downtown Portland and begins at 7:30 am.  To register go here.

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