RISE up your glass to Royalty Spirits

Adult beverage entrepreneur Chaunci King’s business, Royalty Spirits, was in trouble when the pandemic closed the bars and restaurants she relied on to sell her locally distilled liquors.

“Our sales dropped A LOT,” recalls Chaunci. “It was really tough.”

The bartenders who had introduced customers to the fruity, low-sugar cocktails made with Miru Pear Vodka were unemployed. The liquor store tastings of her CBD cocktail mixers and fan-favorite Rex Whiskey weren’t pandemic-safe. Chaunci’s remedy? The power of the pivot.

Taking her business, employees, and sales on-line was a challenge, but a technology makeover enabled by Comcast RISE provided her with all the tools she needs to sell her luxury spirits and CBD mixers in the digital marketplace.

“The state changed some laws about selling online, we started using social media to market, and Comcast RISE provided us the equipment, service and phone lines we need to thrive.”

And if there’s anyone who will thrive, it’s Chaunci. She’s no stranger to hard work, challenges, and seemingly insurmountable odds.

She’s the only black woman in the Pacific Northwest to own a distillery.

“Being a woman in a male driven industry was tough starting out,” says Chaunci. “People didn’t take me seriously. I didn’t have a mentor: I had to learn on my own.”

She took a leap from corporate America to entrepreneurship, all while single-handedly raising her two kids. It was hard, but she’s proud of setting an example for both of her kids to follow their own dreams.

“I encourage my children to run their own show,” she explains. “You can go to college; you don’t have to go to college. You can work for someone; you can work for yourself. They see how hard I’ve worked, and they mimic that.”

Aside from inspiring her own children, Chaunci also mentors other young entrepreneurs. Mentorship is important to her because when she started her business, she had no one to look up to. But she’s worked hard to build relationships with industry leaders.

“Men have become some of my biggest supporters; the owner of Wild Roots has helped me out so much,” said Chaunci.

Comcast RISE is again accepting applications until July 31st.  Go to www.ComcastRISE.com to learn more about the program, whether your business qualifies, and to apply.

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