How to Keep Connected and Informed as Winter Storm Power Outages Continue to Impact Oregon and SW Washington    

UPDATE 1/19/24

Power failures continue across Oregon and Southwest Washington because of the severe weather, impacting homes and businesses across the region. During power outages, Comcast services may stop functioning. Mobile phone service may also be affected. In some cases, you may have power back but not your Comcast Services because the electricity supply that powers our network has not been restored outside the immediate area.

We are committed to working around the clock to restore services quickly and safely. However, emergency management procedures dictate that electricity must be restored first, and Comcast must receive clearance that it is safe for our crews to begin any restoration work. Should customers experience a loss of service due to a power outage, local power must first be restored before Xfinity, and Comcast Business video, phone, or internet services can begin working again.

Our network technicians are working closely with local utility partners to restore services once power is restored.   

A tree downed on top of a car on an icy road.
Fallen trees have severed cables and broken utility poles throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington causing Comcast service interruptions. As a result, restoration in select areas may be delayed.
A downed tree in snow next to a road.
A downed tree across power and cable lines and an icy road.
A tree fallen into power and cable lines by a road.
A tree fallen into power and cable lines by a road.
A downed tree and power and cable lines by a road.
Xfinity vans and trucks working at an icy intersection.
Downed trees in front of a house.
Icy roads and downed power and cable lines.

While utility companies in our state work to resolve the outages, here are a few things you can do to keep informed and connected as the winter storm and related power outages impact Oregon and Southwest Washington:  

  • Get updates on service outages: Sign into the Xfinity app or to update your contact information, including your mobile phone number, so that you can receive text alerts about service interruptions. Are you already registered? You can always text OUT to 266-278 to check for outages in your area.  
  • Stay connected, click HERE to explore our apps: Our Xfinity App allows you to view local network outages, receive chat support from Xfinity Assistant, check the status of a service call, and more. The Xfinity Stream app allows you to download movies and shows to watch offline, watch live TV from your mobile device, get weather updates, and more.  
  • Comcast Business customers can check their My Account app on their mobile devices or the Comcast Business Status Center to get information and valuable updates.  
  • Follow Comcast on Facebook as we post valuable updates in instances like these in Oregon.  

Additionally, if you have power restored but not Comcast services, we recommend that you restart or reset devices, including wireless gateways, modems, routers, and cable boxes.

Comcast has you covered in Oregon and Southwest Washington. We appreciate your patience in the restoration process and are committed to keeping you connected, no matter the weather. Stay safe, and as always, thank you for being an Xfinity or Comcast Business customer. 

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