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Fast-acting Comcast Technician Responds to Fire in Vancouver

Comcast tech

Comcast Technician Rich R. was working on a fiber line in Vancouver when he noticed smoke coming from a nearby house. As a former firefighter, he was well prepared. He immediately called 911 and went to the house to investigate.

Rich knocked on the door, called out for anyone inside, and felt heat coming from inside. He decided not to go in and thanks to his quick thinking and action, firefighters were able to arrive on the scene shortly and extinguish the flames.

Thankfully, no one was in the home, and Rich was able to stay on the scene and talk with the homeowner’s mother, who was home in her RV in the driveway.  

To Rich, his actions were just doing what he had been prepared to do as a firefighter and his natural instincts to help in times of need.  

“People who are first responders, kind of have an instinct to help. We’re not the people who turn to run the other way, we usually run toward the problem. I don’t have a clue why, but it just kind of happens that way,” Rich explained.

Comcast technicians pride themselves on being part of the community where they live and work. They know times may come when they are out in the community, and they can help someone in need. One of our technicians recently heroically helped a customer in Seattle. Stay tuned right here for more.

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